WIOA Technical Assistance Guides

Technical Assistance Guides (T.A.G.):

Title T.A.G. Number Issue Date
Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act Overview T.A.G. 15-3 Created 05/18/2016
Impact on NJCOS (MIS) Entries on Performance,
Compliance and Data Element Validation (DEV)
T.A.G. 15-1 Created 06/25/2015
Sector Information Tab T.A.G. 14-2 Deactivated 01/2019
Nevada Definition of "Family Unit" WIA/WIOA Eligibility T.A.G. 14-1 Created 04/15/2014
Training Related Employment and ONET Coding
of Employment Outcomes
T.A.G. 13-1 Deactivated 01/2019
WIOA Title I State-Imposed Required Minimum Training Expenditure Percentage Average of 30 Percent T.A.G 20-1 Created 8/25/2020
WIOA Title I State-imposed 20 percent Limitation of Current Total Staffing Levels in On-the-Job Training (OJT) Contracts T.A.G 20-2 Created 8/5/2020
Proper Documentation of Supplemental Wages T.A.G. 20-3 Created 9/17/2020
Negotiations and Sanctions Guidance for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title I T.A.G. 20-4 Created 12/23/2020
Participant Common Exit Policy for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title I (Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth), Title III (Wagner-Peyser), Jobs for Veterans State Grants (JVSG), National Dislocated Worker Grants (NDWG), and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)
T.A.G 20-5 Created 4/15/2021
Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) T.A.G 22-1 Created 07/05/2022