Employment Security Division

State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES)

1. What is SIDES?

SIDES is an electronic tool to help employers respond to unemployment insurance requests quickly, easily and accurately. Using SIDES will decrease employer costs through reduction of Unemployment Insurance (UI) appeals, mail processing, and follow-up calls. Electronic transmission of data reduces mail time and paperwork, and decreases UI taxes through accurate, timely exchange of information.

2. What are the options for employers?
States and employers can exchange information through an electronic message broker that uses a computer-to-computer connection. Requests for separation information are electronically sent to the central broker where the employer pulls the information. The employer then posts a response to the information request, and the State will pull this data from the central broker.

This service requires information technology programming and is recommended for large employers, or those employers with a large volume of separation information requests.

3. SIDES E-Response

E-Response provides an easy and efficient method for employers to respond electronically to separation information requests with just a computer connected to the internet. An email notification is sent to the employer to alert of a request for separation information. The employer logs into a secure website, completes the request, and it is sent to the State for further processing. E-Response works best for small employers, or employers with few requests for separation information.


For more information regarding SIDES, go to https://info.uisides.org/ or if you wish to speak with an Unemployment Insurance Representative please call 775-684-3801.