State of Nevada Displaced Homemakers Program

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Serving homemakers forced back into the workforce due to a change in family financial support.

Centers provide the following:

  • Career counseling to include assessment of skills, development of employment goals and career planning.
  • Courses of instruction to assist the participant in seeking and retaining employment including seeking employment, contacting employers, completing applications, writing resumes, effective interviewing and communication, appropriate employment conduct, work habits, and conflict resolution.
  • Regular informational group meetings.
  • Education and counseling services relating to health and obtaining payment for health care.
  • Services related to financial management.

Referrals to appropriate agencies in the community for the following:

  • Addiction, personal counseling, legal assistance, child care and programs of secondary and post-secondary education including programs for career and technical education, English as a second language and improving reading ability.


NRS 388.605

“Displaced homemaker” means any person who:

  • Is not gainfully employed or has less than full-time or adequate employment;
  • Has worked at home for a substantial number of years providing household services to members of his or her family without compensation;
  • Has difficulty in securing employment adequate for economic independence; and
  • Has been dependent:
    • On the income of another member of his or her family, but is no longer supported by that income;
    • Upon public assistance but is no longer eligible; or
    • On another member of his or her family for the management of his or her personal finances, but that person is no longer available to provide that assistance

Program Description

Who is a Nevada Displaced Homemaker?

In today’s society, it is still common for one member of the family to maintain the home while someone else in the family is the primary wage earner. The family financial support may suddenly be lost through divorce, death, job loss or other circumstances. The member of the family who maintained the home becomes a “displaced homemaker”. In that event, an obvious but not so easy choice is for him or her to get the assistance necessary to find work that will make that person self-sufficient. The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation’s Displaced Homemaker program can help.

Nevada, like many other states, created a law that states displaced homemakers should be provided services that would enable them to gain the knowledge, experience, and self-esteem to become employed and self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency means being capable of providing for one’s own needs.

The Displaced Homemaker Program offers a variety of services, including access to education, skills training, resume writing, interviewing skills, and job search assistance. Each client is interviewed to determine his or her needs. A program is then designed to outline the necessary steps to establish a career. There is no charge for services to displaced homemakers. The Displaced Homemaker Program in Nevada is funded by law from divorce fees collected in the state courts.


Displaced Homemaker Centers:

Contact the Displaced Homemaker Program at one of the following locations:

Reno Area:
TMCC Re-Entry Center
7000 Dandini Blvd., RDMT 114
Reno, NV 89512

Western Nevada: 
Community Chest Inc.
991 South C Street
Virginia City, NV 89440

Las Vegas Area:
HELP of Southern Nevada
1640 E. Flamingo Rd., Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89119


Board for Education and Counseling of Displaced Homemakers

Board meetings are held at least quarterly. If you wish to attend, click on the meeting schedule below, view the agenda for location information.

Board Members
  • Louise Helton, Chairperson
  • Christa Mike
  • Mary Hausch
  • Dr. Nicole Hudson
  • Rebecca Hampton
Meeting Dates: Time/Type: Time/Type:

September 7, 2021

Full Board

Agenda | Minutes

June 7, 2021

Full Board

Agenda | Minutes

March 1, 2021

Full Board

Agenda | Minutes

December 7, 2020

Full Board

Agenda | Minutes

September 14, 2020

Full Board

Agenda | Minutes

June 8, 2020

Full Board

Agenda | Minutes

March 9, 2020

Full Board

Agenda | Minutes



NV Relay 711 or 800-326-6868
An equal opportunity employer/program.
Auxiliary aids and services available on request by individuals with disabilities