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The State of Nevada’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) computer system is being modernized. The UI website will operate more efficiently and will be more accessible to claimants, employers and staff. Learn More

The first phase (Rollout 1) of the new Nevada Unemployment Insurance (NUI) system is scheduled to go live in February of 2024, and will only impact employers.

Rollout 1 does not include claimants. Claimants will be addressed in the second phase (Rollout 2) of the project. Rollout 2 is scheduled to be implemented in Summer 2025.


Rollout 1: Contributions and NUI Employer Self Service (NUI ESS) – February 2024

  • Contributions (UI Tax)
    • New business registration
    • Wage reporting
    • Payments
    • Rating
    • Third-Party Administrators (TPAs)
  • NUI Employer Self Service (NUI ESS) portal

Rollout 2: Benefits, Appeals, and NUI Claimant Self Service (NUI CSS) – Summer 2025

  • Benefits and Appeals
    • Claims
    • Weekly Certifications
    • Benefit Payments
    • Adjudication
    • Appeals
  • NUI Claimant Self Service (NUI CSS) portal

Things employers need to know before the new system goes live:

Why are logins changing?

  • Logins are being updated to enhance the security measures of your NUI ESS account.
  • Your username will be your email address.
  • The new password requirements are as follows:
    • Must be at least 14 characters in length
    • Contain both uppercase and lowercase letters
    • Contain both letters and numbers
    • Contain a special character
    • Cannot contain any part of first/last name

Contributions and Wage Report

Use this option to report gross wages, non-taxable wages, taxable wages, and wage details for a calendar quarter. The Contributions and Wage Report can be filed in NUI ESS using the following methods:

  • EFW2 File Upload: Employers and agents can upload the quarterly wage detail and summary data utilizing State and Federal specifications based on the Social Security Administration's Electronic Filing W2 format.
  • Wage File Upload: Employers and agents can upload a Comma Separated Value (CSV) or Excel file (.csv, .xls, and .xlsx file formats are supported).
  • Manually Enter Report: Employers and agents can manually data enter all the required data elements. This method is recommended for employers with less than 100 employees. The system reduces data entry by pre-populating the employee SSN and name fields for employers who have previously submitted Wage Reports. The employer and agent can add or delete employees from this initial listing and must manually enter the required payroll amounts for each employee.

No Payroll Report

Use this option when the employer did not pay wages during the calendar quarter and will not owe any taxes.

In addition to a brand-new look, NUI ESS will offer new and improved features:

NUI ESS will run on most mobile devices and desktops/laptops regardless of their operating system. NUI ESS can be displayed using ADA-compliant features incorporated into the latest version of major web browsers.

The most current version of a browser is recommended for using NUI ESS. Supported web browsers include:

  • Microsoft Edge - most recent two versions
  • Internet Explorer - Version 11+
  • Safari - most recent two versions
  • Google Chrome - most recent two versions
  • Mozilla Firefox - most recent two versions
  • Opera - most recent two versions
  • Benny - Chatbot assistant trained to answer many common employer questions
  • Easier quarterly wage report filing
  • File wage report amendments/corrections online
  • Request a refund online
  • Easier employer registration
  • Report a merger or acquisition
  • View your tax rates
  • View letters sent by the agency
  • Send and receive messages about your UI tax account through the secure NUI ESS portal
  • Make a payment online using your bank account (ACH Debit)
  • Request ACH Credit Authorization to send payments via ACH Credit
  • Request a Payment Agreement to pay off your balance
  • Request a penalty waiver
  • Manage your name and address information
  • File an appeal
  • Respond to an audit online
  • Prime contractors can request certifications for subcontractors’ financial obligations
  • Subcontractors can release their financial obligation information to their primary contractor
  • Manage online access to your UI account—such as authorizing employee or third-party access



Benny - Chatbot assistant trained to answer many common employer questions

Rollout 2 - Begins Spring of 2024 and will go live Summer of 2025

More information coming in Fall of 2024 for the rollout of Benefits, Appeals, and Claimant Self Service functionalities.