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Post a Job

Did you know that EmployNV is the largest job listing website in Nevada and has the largest database of individuals seeking employment? The EmployNV Business Hubs can provide screening/referral of candidates, or businesses can receive referrals directly from job seekers by registering with In all cases, your listing is placed into Nevada's largest job listing website.

Post job listings online through EmployNV Jobs, or use the contact information above to post listings by phone.

Connect with Job Seekers

When a business signs up for access to, they initially have limited access to search resumes. The approval process usually takes from 1 to 3 business days. Once approved, employers have full access to search posted resumes, including contact information.

Report a work Refusal

Did someone refuse your offer of employment or has an employee refused to return to work?

These situations are reportable and should be brought to our attention. Nevada law prohibits individuals from receiving unemployment benefits if they refuse to accept offers of suitable employment, or quit, without good cause.

Suitable work is defined by state law (NRS 612.390) as employment that the claimant has the expected skills and abilities to perform and pays an amount that is normal for that occupation within that industry in the current labor market. Refusing an offer of suitable work is basis for denying unemployment benefits; claimants will not be denied benefits if they are acting in good faith.

For a work refusal report to be investigated, the business must present a person with a bona fide offer, and the claimant must decline it, preferably in writing. Simply posting a job opening online or hanging a “NOW HIRING” sign is not an offer of employment.

Businesses should provide the following information regarding employment refusals or employees who refuse an offer to return to work by emailing our EmployNV Business Hub at with the subject line “Work Refusal.”

Business Information Person Refusing the Offer of Employment
Name of person submitting the report Full Name
Business Name Last 4 of the Social Security Number
Address Address/Phone Number
Employer Account Number or FEIN Date of Employment Offer
Phone number Method of Offer (in-person, phone, email, etc.)
Contact Person if Different from Reporter Refusal Method (in-person, phone, email, etc.)
  Reason Given for the Refusal
Anticipated Return to Work Date (if applicable)

Report Unemployment Fraud

DETR is committed to preventing and identifying fraud or fraudulent scams. We encourage Nevadans to remain vigilant and to report fraud or any potential concerns of fraud to DETR. For more about fraud in Nevada click here for English and Spanish information.

Reporting fraud is done online by using the State’s Fraud Reporting Form which can be used by individuals and businesses alike. Filers are encouraged to file a report and upload supporting information for their report to the State. Additional information explaining the steps individuals and businesses can take should they believe a fraudulent claim has been filed can be found on the State’s fraud flyer

Financial Incentives for Businesses

The Silver State Works initiative was designed to help businesses and strengthen Nevada's economy by offering incentives for hiring pre-screened qualified workers. There are three programs Nevada businesses can qualify for with a range of options from on-the-job training to employee retention.

The Work Experience Program allows employers to hire a candidates with no risk. A candidate's eligibility is determined by EmployNV representatives working with the employer. Identifying a candidate's potential fit with a specific job ensures the best chance of success for everyone.
Candidates receive practical, on-the-job training to prepare them for continued full-time employment. The EmployNV Business Hub funds a candidate's wages, up to $4,800 or 320 hours, whichever comes first.

For more information contact the EmployNV Business Hubs:
Northern Nevada (775) 284-9660
Southern Nevada (702) 486-0129


Nevada Labor Market Information

The Research and Analysis Bureau provides a wealth of information related to Nevada’s workforce and economic conditions, serving as Nevada’s primary provider of workforce information. The information and resources available from the bureau are offered free of charge and include data and information on employment, unemployment, wages, projections, and much more.

Recruit and Retain Employees with Disabilities  

The Nevada Vocational Rehabilitation Business Services team will meet with you to determine your specific recruitment requirements and refer pre-screened and qualified job candidates matching those requirements. Our assistance to your business includes work readiness & soft skills development, customized on-the-job training strategies, guidance, and technical assistance, and facilitate the evaluation of assistive technology/ADA needs. We provide quality support throughout the recruiting process and comprehensive follow-up services including:

  • Recruitment of employees with disabilities
  • Retention of employees with disabilities
  • Workplace Accessibility
  • Education and Training on Disability and Inclusion Issues
  • Accessing Available Financial Incentives

RAPID RESPONSE: Business Closure and Layoff Assistance

Rapid Response is a no-cost program that is pro-active, business-focused and provides flexible strategies designed to respond to layoffs and plant closures by quickly coordinating services and providing immediate assistance to businesses and their affected workers. The Rapid Response team will work with businesses and any employee representative(s) to quickly maximize public and private resources to minimize disruptions associated with job loss. Rapid Response can also provide virtual services.

All businesses are encouraged to provide notice of layoffs or plant closings to the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation as quickly as possible. In some cases, businesses are required to provide written notice under provisions of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act. More information on the WARN Act can be located on the WARN webpage.

Benefits for the Business:

  • Lower unemployment insurance costs as workers are re-employed more quickly

  • Higher morale among employees as they feel management is being proactive in helping them during the layoff

  • Positive company image within the community for treating employees with respect

Benefits for the Employees include:

  • Information about Unemployment Insurance

  • Information about career counseling and job training

  • Information provided on the labor market, health benefits, pensions, and financial planning

  • Job search assistance

  • Help with resume writing and interviewing skills

The Rapid Response Packet for laid-off workers contains information on employment services, Unemployment Insurance, healthcare, and other programs and services offered through the state and partner agencies.

Rapid Response Resource Packet for Laid-Off Workers

Rapid Response Packet -  Español

For more information on obtaining Rapid Response services, call (775) 684-0362 or email:

Social Media and Additional Resources

DETR and EmployNV Hubs operate various social media accounts which share valuable resources for both businesses and job seekers. Follow them for updates:

The Nevada Department of Business & Industry has an exhaustive list of resources in their Business Resource Center linked here.