Overpayment Information

If you have received an overpayment notice from DETR, you may be required to repay the excess amount.

An overpayment occurs when a person receives benefits for which they are not eligible.
  • You reported earnings incorrectly
  • You did not report the correct reason for separation
  • You do not meet eligibility requirement
  • Overturned determination (appealed decision)
  • Set up payments: Call Benefits Payment Control 775-684-0475 to set up payment
  • Appeal the notice: If you would like to appeal the determination for Unemployment Insurance benefits, a statement needs to be faxed to 775-684-0338 or 702-486-7987
The statement must contain:
  • Full name
  • Claimant ID
  • State that you are appealing the decision
  • Provide a reason for appealing the notice
  • You must sign and date the appeal for it to be valid

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) appeals need to be done through your portal on employnv.gov.

If a waiver is requested before complying with requested information, the waiver will not be reviewed.

  • If you have been a victim of Unemployment Insurance (UI) fraud let DETR know: https://ft.nvdetr.org/form/Fraud
  • PUA claimants can use their portal at employnv.gov to report fraud

    The reports should be completed in full and identity documentation should be uploaded using the secure form. Upon successful submission, DETR will send a message notifying receipt of submission. No further action is needed at this point. DETR will investigate and contact submitter to get additional information.

  • Anyone with an overpayment may request a waiver, however waivers are not reviewed until the full appellant process is completed
  • If you have gone through the full appeal process and it has been decided you are liable for the overpayment, a waiver will not be reviewed

Any claimant applying for a waiver needs to show information that the repayment of this debt could cause extraordinary hardship. An extraordinary hardship is defined as an individual's loss or inability to maintain minimal necessities of food, medicine, and shelter. In making a financial hardship determination, the division will consider all income of the family household.