Employment Security Division

Services for Farm Workers

Nevada JobConnect offices offer Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers (MSFW) access to a variety of employment services, including:

Utilizing Resource Center tools:

  • Computers for resume preparation, writing letters to potential employers, and conducting Internet job searches 
  • Use of Nevada Career Information System software to help make the best decisions for future employment
  • Newspapers, self-help books, fax machines, photocopier, phones, how-to videos & testing
  • Registering for employment
  • Receiving career guidance and counseling
  • Attending job search workshops
  • Referral to available employment opportunities
  • Referral to job training
  • Job development
  • Access to Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Receiving Labor Market Information
  • Unemployment Insurance assistance
  • Assistance to file a complaint
  • Information about other community resources
  • Employment Service and Employment Related Law Complaint System
  • Sistema De Reclamaciones Del Servicio De Empleo y De La Ley De Empleo

For more information, call (775) 684-0315