Employment Security Division

How to Post Job Orders

Employer's have several options when posting job orders with the Employment Security Division (ESD). ESD can provide screening/referral of candidates, or employers can receive referrals directly from job seekers through EmployNV. In all cases, your job order is placed into Nevada's Job Bank on the Internet.

Post Job Orders with EmployNV Business Hubs:

Job Order Terms of Agreement

All Job Orders received will be posted to both EmployNV.gov and US.Jobs/Nevada within two (2) business days. US.Jobs serves as our nation's only online cross-state labor exchange and distributes job listings to the state and local level.

If an incomplete Job Order is received, it will not be posted. You will be notified with specific instructions on what section(s) need to be completed.

The following policies must be followed by employers using the system:

  • Neither you, nor your agents may charge a fee to provide a job seeker with access to a job referral; individual customers have been asked to report any violations of this policy.
  • Neither you, nor your agents may use the service to recruit replacement workers in a labor dispute; individuals have been asked to report any instance of such a recruitment.

EmployNV Business Hub Staff will contact you within 24 hours to complete your job order.

On-Line Job Order:

By selecting the link to EmployNV.gov, or by use of the phone or fax option below, you are agreeing to the "Job Order Terms of Agreement."

Post Job Order by Phone or FAX:
Post your Job Orders by phone or FAX with the EmployNV Business Hubs

Northern Nevada
Phone (775) 284-9660
FAX (775) 284-9663

Southern Nevada
Phone (702) 486-0129
FAX (702) 486-7914

Post Job Order On-Line through EmployNV :

If you wish to handle screening / referrals directly, this service allows you to enter your Nevada job order directly into EmployNV Once approved, your job will be listed on the Internet and the contact information will instruct candidates to contact you directly rather than contacting ESD..

click here to Post Job Orders On-Line through EmployNV

Employ NV

Search Resumes:

Once an employer's application for access to EmployNV is submitted, employers will have limited access to search resumes. The approval process usually takes from 1 to 3 business days. Once approved, employers have full access to posted resumes, including contact information.

Additional details and instructions for registering for this service can be found at EmployNV