Mining & Materials Industry Sector:

Mining & Materials Industry Sector

Mining has been integral to Nevada’s history, and it remains an important part of the state’s economy today. Nevada's considerable mineral reserves equate to a geologic potential making the state one of the most prospected places in the world. Rural Nevada is among the highest concentrations of mining activity in the country.

Mining employment in Nevada is 10 times the national average, with the state leading the nation in production of gold and various other minerals.

Demand for Nevada's substantial deposits of silver, molybdenum, copper, tungsten, lithium, uranium, and industrial minerals such as gypsum, diatomaceous earth, and limestone is likely to grow significantly over the coming years.

Nevada’s mining & materials industries have common technical expertise and resources that are transitive between their component sectors: clean energy, manufacturing, and aerospace and defense industries. All of these industries rely on consumer demand, and they are also export-based industries that can improve Nevada’s economy over the long term.

Demand for a skilled workforce is at an all-time high, and Nevada offers very successful programs to fill industry needs through Great Basin College (GBC) and the Mining and Metallurgical Engineering program at University of Nevada Reno (UNR). Both educational institutions have tremendous support from the mining industry.

The mission of the GWDB Mining and Materials Sector Council is to identify workforce needs and develop initiatives to educate its workforce in support of the economic development goals of the state. This will require continued industry collaboration with education partners and industry stakeholders.

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