Rehabilitation Division

Forms and Documents

Form or Document Name Format(s)
Older Individuals Who Are Blind Application PDF
Nevada State Rehabilitation Council Annual Report:
Annual Report 2023 PDF
Annual Report 2022 PDF
Nevada State Plan:
Program Year 2020-2023 WIOA State Plan PDF
Biennial Report
FY2019-2020 Biennial Report PDF
Nevada State Needs Assessment :
Nevada Statewide Needs Assessment 2020 - 2022 PDF
Client Satisfaction Surveys:
FFY 2019 Satisfaction Survey Report PDF
FFY 2016 Satisfaction Survey Report PDF
Job Developer Forms:
Job Development Services Intake Accept or Reject PDF
Job Placement Plan PDF
Job Placement Plan Checklist PDF
30, 60, 90 Verification of Employment and Job Retention PDF
Verification of Employment PDF
Other Forms:  
Auxiliary Aids for Effective Communication PDF

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