Research and Analysis Bureau

Research and Analysis Bureau (R&A) provides a wealth of information related to Nevada’s workforce and economic conditions. R&A serves as Nevada’s primary provider of workforce information. The information and resources available from the bureau are offered free of charge. Information is available at www.nevadaworkforce.com or by calling the Bureau at (775) 684-0450.

Nevada Workforce Informer delivers current and historical workforce information, along with data analysis capabilities, articles, and publications. In addition, related economic indicators are included on the site to ensure that the public has easy access to information necessary to have a more complete picture of the Nevada economy and labor market.


Nevada Career Information System (NCIS) is another important tool R&A offers to the public. The NCIS is an Internet-based career guidance system that presents Nevada and national career, workforce and educational information in a user-friendly format. In addition, NCIS contains several exploration tools designed to help Nevadans make informed career decisions based on their needs and preferences.

R&A informational resources include:

  • Monthly employment estimates by industry and area Clients of Research and Analysis Bureau
  • Current occupational wage estimates by industry and area
  • Monthly labor force and unemployment statistics by area
  • Nevada Economy In Brief, a monthly publication on Nevada’s economy, including current labor market statistics
  • Ten-year occupational and industry projections
  • Local Employment Dynamics (LED), a source for demographic employment information
  • Nevada Employment and Payrolls, an annual report of employment and payrolls by industry and county