Governor's Workforce Development Board Industry Sector Councils

Legal Authority of Sector Councils

NRS 232.935 requires the Governor's Workforce Development Board to establish industry sector councils to identify job training and educational programs that best meet regional economic development goals. It also requires the Board to identify and seek federal funding to provide grants to fund those job training and educational programs.


The mission of the Governor's Workforce Development Board (GWDB) Sector Council is to bring together decision makers from business, government, education, labor, and industry professional groups, to identify and address the delivery of industry-specific training and workforce development initiatives in support of the economic development goals of the state.

To fulfill our mission, Sector Council members and staff will work together to:

  • Guide the development of a system of workforce development specific to the assigned sector, that responds to the lifelong learning needs of Nevada's workforce
  • Advise the Governor's Workforce Development Board on workforce development policy
  • Encourage public/private partnerships and facilitate innovations in workforce development policy and practices
  • Ensure a quality workforce system by evaluating results and supporting high standards and continuous improvement

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