Rehabilitation Division


The Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation’s (DETR) Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation is a state and federally funded program designed to help people with disabilities become employed and to help those already employed perform more successfully through training, counseling and other support methods.

BEN Equipment Maintenance Log

4.1 BEN Assigned Vending Routes

BEN Health Enrollment Form

4.2 BEN Bidding Process

BEN Health Insurance Form

4.3 BEN Controlled Substances

BEN Loan Application

4.4 BEN Equipment Purchasing Policy

BEN Loan Application Emergency

4.5 BEN External Audit Process

BEN Request for Prior Approval of Expenses

4.6 BEN Inventory Procedures Policy

BEN Request to Purchase

4.7 BEN Licensed Blind Operator Training

BEN Site Daily Throw Log

4.8 BEN Licensure Policy

Profit and Loss Instruction Guide

4.9 BEN Health Care Cost Reimbursement Policy

State Business License Application

4.10 BEN Net Operation Loss Reimbursement

Vendor Registration Form

4.11 BEN On Site Business Practice Review

4.12 BEN Referral and Training Policy

4.13 BEN Reinstatement Policy

4.14 BEN Related Party Business Transactions

4.15 BEN Retirement Income Policy

4.16 BEN Review of Monthly Financial Reports

4.17 BEN Spending and Signature Authority

4.18 BEN Travel Reimbursement Policy

4.20 BEN Unassigned Commissions for Subsidies

4.21 BEN Vending Machine Records

4.22 BEN Vending Supplement

4.23 BEN Life Insurance Reimbursement Policy

4.24 BEN Equipment Replacement Policy

4.25 BEN Initial Stock Policy

NV Relay 711 or 800-326-6868
TTY 775-687-5353
An equal opportunity employer/program.
Auxiliary aids and services available on request by individuals with disabilities