EmployNV Career Hubs

The Workforce Innovation System is based on the "One-Stop" concept where information about and access to a wide array of job training, education, and employment services is available for customers at a single neighborhood location. At EmployNV Career Hubs, clients are able to receive services at locations around the state. At EmployNV Career Hubs, clients are able to:

  • Receive a preliminary assessment of their skill levels, aptitudes, abilities, and support service needs.
  • Receive Vocational Rehabilitation services.
  • Obtain information on a full array of employment-related services, including information about local education and training service providers.
  • Receive help filing claims for unemployment insurance and evaluating eligibility for job training and education programs or student financial aid.
  • Obtain job search and placement assistance, and receive career counseling.
  • Have access to up-to-date labor market information which identifies job vacancies, skills necessary for in-demand jobs, and provides information about local, regional and national employment trends.

Through EmployNV Business Hubs, employers have a single point of contact to provide information about current and future skills needed by their workers and to list job openings. They will benefit from a single system for finding job-ready skilled workers who meet their needs. Click here to list a job opening