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The State of Nevada’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) computer system is being modernized. The UI website will operate more efficiently and will be more accessible to claimants, employers and staff. Learn More

The Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR) is actively working on Nevada’s Unemployment Insurance (NUI) modernization project. Rollout 2 focuses on Unemployment Insurance and the NUI Claimant Self Service (CSS).


Rollout 2: Unemployment Insurance and NUI Claimant Self Service (NUI CSS) – Third Quarter 2025

  • Unemployment Insurance
    • Claims
    • Weekly Certifications
    • Benefit Payments
    • Adjudication
    • Appeals
    • NUI claimant Self Service (NUI CSS) portal

Things claimants need to know before the new system goes live:

Why are logins changing?

Logins are being updated to enhance the security measures of your NUI CSS account.

In addition to a brand-new look, NUI CSS will offer new and improved features:

NUI CSS will run on most mobile devices and desktops/laptops regardless of their operating system. NUI CSS can be displayed using ADA-compliant features incorporated into the latest version of major web browsers.

The most current version of a browser is recommended for using NUI CSS. Supported web browsers include:

  • Microsoft Edge - most recent two versions
  • Internet Explorer - Version 11+
  • Safari - most recent two versions
  • Google Chrome - most recent two versions
  • Mozilla Firefox - most recent two versions
  • Opera - most recent two versions
  • Easier weekly claim certifications
  • File an appeal online
  • More benefit payment methods
  • Benny - Chatbot assistant trained to answer many common claimant questions
  • View letters sent by the agency
  • Easier claimant registration
  • View letters sent by the agency
  • Manage your name and address information

Benny fact: Did you know NUI is pronounced "new-ee"? Benny is the Chatbot assistant trained to answer many common claimant questions.