State of Nevada Displaced Homemakers Program

Program Description

Who is a Nevada Displaced Homemaker?

In today’s society it is still common for one member of the family to maintain the home while someone else in the family is the primary wage-earner. The family financial support may suddenly be lost through divorce, death, job loss or other circumstances. The member of the family who maintained the home becomes a “displaced homemaker”. In that event, an obvious but not so easy choice is for him or her to get the assistance necessary to find work that will make that person self-sufficient. The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation’s Displaced Homemaker program can help.

Nevada, like many other states, created a law that states, displaced homemakers should be provided services that would enable them to gain the knowledge, experience, and self-esteem to become employed and self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency means being capable of providing for one’s own needs.

The Displaced Homemaker Program offers a variety of services, including access to education, skills training, resume-writing, interviewing skills, job search assistance. Each client is interviewed to determine his or her needs. A program is then designed to outline the necessary steps to establish a career. There is no charge for services to displaced homemakers. The Displaced Homemaker Program in Nevada is funded by law from divorce fees collected in the state courts.